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End of year reflections

Six months ago, precisely at the turn of the financial year, I was a stay at home mum of two, the oldest was three years and the littlest just five months old. For a long time, every night, I would toss and turn with the idea of starting something that I can own and drive. Something to give me a sense of accomplishment. Because changing nappies, playing housewife and being yummy mummy (hihihi) just didn’t do it for me. Ideas after ideas and finally, that fateful night at 3am I couldn’t sleep, brain ticking away, in the haze of sleep deprivation, I conjured up Pink Stardust and (I kid you not) I signed up the domain name and entered into a two year web hosting contract right there and then. I figured it was a new financial year, the beginning of my venture. I’ve always been the type to have an idea, run with it and strike when the iron is hot. Whilst the excitement, energy and ideas were rushing in, the sensible me put a rough plan in motion. I slowly plotted different strategies to get business and work experiences and in the silent of the nights, whilst the family was sleeping, I’d be researching, writing web contents, networking online etc…



Six months on, I have a side business most of my friends know about. Am I happy? Yes, simply because I enjoy it! As the year comes to and end, it’s time to evaluate what has happened in this time. I have had three jobs, one work experience, three photoshoots, and three more weddings booked for next year. I have a working website, and made a start with my social media presence.


Have I accomplished anything? Yes, I learnt one very important lesson, that is I couldn’t have done it by myself. I achieved all those things in that crazy short time because my family gave me the time and personal space to work, my clients gave me a chance, believed and trusted me and my network gave me opportunities and guidance. Whilst it is my journey, the people around me brought the much needed energy, motivation and support to get me to where I am now.


Last week I’ve made a decision to do nothing for the rest of 2016 and so the last three nights I’ve gone to bed at 8pm and just slept “like a baby”. Because, I’m not a super mum, I need to recharge. 2017 will start big, in February. I’ll be working on two weddings, a birthday and a community event. I’ve also started two new partnerships with wedding suppliers and I’m so thrilled about it. Stay tuned.

For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Celebrate! Be with loved ones and stay safe. See you in the new year.