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What does a wedding planner do?

We are your human Google and Pinterest for everything related to weddings.  Your wedding planner is your advisor, confidant, therapist, admin assistant, accountant, mediator, and personal organiser.  In short, we are everything that you need us to be.

Who would use a wedding planner?

1) Someone that understands the role of a wedding planner, leverages the planners’ skills and experience in order to have a stress free, worry free, relaxed wedding planning journey and wedding day.
2) Someone that has the vision and ideas on what they would like for their wedding but is feeling overwhelmed by google search results or is not quite sure how to bring their vision to life.
3) Someone that is time poor. Simply does not have the time or energy to organise the many aspects of a wedding. Why waste all the time to visit different venues when a planner can provide a short list that are a good fit for your requirements.
4) Someone that wants to ensure they are paying the right price for the various services coming together on their big day. A wedding planner knows the market, gets better prices through negotiations and relationships with suppliers, and can save you real money.

What are the advantages of working with a wedding planner?

Most people only get married once. Unlike the bridal couple, the wedding planner has industry knowledge and experience in planning and organising weddings. We are experienced in collaborating and negotiating with suppliers, and we have the ability to identify and manage crisis before they occur. Our established network can save you significant research time, and think about it: how likely is a supplier to give it his/her utter best knowing that this is a once off customer, versus the knowledge that the work for a wedding planner – if executed to perfection –  could lead to repeat business?

Am I delegating control of every aspect of my wedding when hiring a wedding planner?

No. Our best weddings are designed with your vision, style and personality in mind. This is your big day and having your input is absolutely critical to the overall outcome. Every wedding is different and so is the work of a wedding planner for each wedding. It is solely up to you what you want our level of involvement to be. Furthermore, we will always be in an open exchange with you about any important decision, as we are not there to make decisions for you, but to work with you! We become a team and together we plan your magical wedding day.

Isn’t a wedding planner way too expensive?

A wedding planner’s fee always depends on your wedding’s individual circumstances and requirements. We charge according to our agreed level of involvement and the corresponding efforts that come with it, as well as according to your overall wedding budget. It is important to note however, that we will more than likely be able to achieve cost savings for you on the other side of the equation. We know the industry inside out and many times suppliers will offer discounted prices to a wedding planner. We also know what the price for the many different services and products required should be, and thus can prevent you from costly mistakes or from being overcharged. A tremendous amount of time-consuming research can be taken off your shoulders, and redundant appointments which besides your time often cost money, too, can be avoided.  In summary, a professional wedding planner will often save you money on your wedding, and it is highly likely that our fees are fully recovered by the costs we save you.

Who books all the suppliers and lodges deposits and payments?

We are happy for you to decide. Either you can pay suppliers directly, or we can pay them when you have paid us. We have set up specific client accounting to help manage individual packages easily – you can transfer funds into your client account so we can take control of financial management of your event if you wish. This will prevent us from having to bother you regularly to advise who needs paying for deposits and outstanding balances. The option is yours. We want to help save your time wherever possible.

Do you make commissions or take referral incentives from wedding suppliers?

Traditionally, it is not uncommon for wedding planners to be incentivised to refer business to one another. However whilst this may still occur around the industry, it is now very easy through social media to discover supplier connections and determine if your planner is taking commissions.
We charge appropriately for my service and thus feel no need to take commissions. Any wholesale prices, savings, incentives etc..we pass onto our clients. We do often like to use the same suppliers not because there are incentives, it is we because trust our suppliers to deliver what have been promised to our clients.

What do you charge?

We charge a flat service fee, depending on the scale of work we will undertake for your wedding. It is reasonable to expect that a more extravagant wedding with a bigger budget will require more planning, organising, follow up, site visits, supplier meetings, documentations and so on…thus the planner’s job naturally requires more effort and time.

Often we can easily establish the scope of work required after an initial phone conversation. If you give us a ring we can generally quickly give you a price indication.