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C&N Wedding – A Modern Day Fairytale

Cathleen & Nguyen’s wedding at Luminare (South Melbourne) was the definition of a modern fairytale. This winter wedding is literally what dreams are made of. The couple had booked only the venue when we first met and not much more. So that was the beginning of our 11 months journey together, and one of our favourite wedding, for simply, Cathleen is the ultimate client any planner could dream for. She is a happy, down to earth girl and on every occasions we met, she was always smiling. Nguyen is quiet, easy going and happy with anything as long as it’s what Cathleen wanted. Perfect clients.

In our first consultation, Cathleen’s style vision was simply for us to “make it pretty…”. To be given creative freedom was exciting and inspiring, but also an enormous pressure and challenge for us to design a perfect “pretty” in our client’s eyes. With anything in life, luck does play a part. For days we came up with different concept, but finally we dreamt up a vision of creating a perfect springtime romance in the middle of winter. I wondered about the idea of bringing into the venue life size cherry blossom trees. Let’s be clear, we hadn’t come up with a brand new idea…it has been done before, but probably once ever in Melbourne. It wasn’t something we could just bring in easily. I still remember it, that night, excited by the vision, I messaged Cathleen and hinted about the idea to see what her thoughts were on cherry blossoms. At this point, I hadn’t mentioned trees, I simply asked what she thought of the flower itself. Her instant response was of shock because it was exactly what she has been thinking about, but didn’t think it was possible as she knew they’d only blossomed in spring. We got to work immediately and rang around to source these trees and you wouldn’t believe it, our friends at Amica Event Hire had just got a couple of them made and right at that moment they were on the ship coming to Australia. Wow, the universe works in mysterious ways. Once we knew it was possible, I asked Cathleen what she thought if we brought in a couple giant cherry blossom trees? Her response was “omg, that is my ultimate dream”. So, that is how the fairytale vision came to life and why we brought in two 4-metres cherry blossom trees. Yes, they are 4-metres tall reaching to the perfect height for Luminare’s ceiling. Did I mention that the universe works in mysterious ways?

Everything else came together seamlessly with the incredible floral work by the team at Lulubird. We couldn’t be any happier working with Lucie, who is an absolute professional with amazing talent. This wedding was the beginning of our friendship with Lulubird and we know it will be one for life. We can’t thank our lucky stars enough, for in early August we were blessed with fresh cherry blossoms. Even luckier as the weather was perfect on that winter day. The sun was beaming down on Cathleen & Nguyen for their outdoor ceremony for there was not a breeze or the slightest chill.

We knew it from the beginning that this was a wedding to remember, and that was absolutely true as we got to work with some of the finest friends in the industry. I loved every moment of this day and wouldn’t have been so without these incredible people by our side:

Media team: Meo Weddings, Cinelixir (BTS Shoot)

Styling & Florals: Venue Styling, Lulubird Flowers

Lighting (pendant lights): Active Draping

Event hire & dance floor: Amica Event Hire

Venue & catering: Luminare, South Melbourne

Entertainment: DJ Henry – Memory Box Photobooth & DJCelebrant: Meriki Comito 

Cake: Cakes of Distinction

Everyone else that made this dream come true: The Next Step Co, One Click Photobooth, Sassy Hair & Make Up, Paradise Invitations, Enrik Limousines